: Keeps blowing fuses

08-27-11, 12:00 PM
Man Iím at a lost here.
Iíve developed a short somewhere in the fuel pump circuit between the relay and the pump.
:(Keeps blowing fuses. I got my hands on a wiring diagram and it shows a secondary fuel pump circuit using the oil pressure switch for a back-up circuit where as if the fuel pump relay goes bad once oil pressure reaches 4# the oil pressure switch closes completing the circuit to the fuel pump. The oil pressure switch routs to the factory priming input conn and then back. :suspect:Since this component ties into the circuit between the fuel pump relay and the pump it could be suspect I would think.
Oh ya, the fuel pump is new and the relay tested good. When I replaced the pump motor I noticed a capasitor attached to the in tank pump/sending unit chassis via a spot weld. :suspect: Its wired into the pump circut and could also be suspect. I hope not through, tank removal 101.
:confused:Anyone know where the oil pressure switch might be located? I would like to check those wires and eleminate the oil pressure side first since the wires to the fuel pump are concealed by the tank. again, tank removal 101. Any help is welcome and thanks for checking out this thread.

08-27-11, 12:54 PM
What year model?

08-27-11, 01:28 PM
83 Eldorado with digital display.