: Climate controlled vehicle storage in/around Boston?

08-27-11, 01:38 AM
Anybody have any suggestions as to where/how to find a climate controlled garage without spending a fortune? I'm seriously considering buying a Sedan Deville I found for sale, but don't want to store it outside at my house. I spent a while on google, and only found a few self storage places. No idea if they're climate controlled, and the prices were a bit steep. The car is 18.5 feet long, and more than 6.5 feet wide, so a garage of about 10'x20' would be ideal. Any suggestions welcome.

08-27-11, 11:33 AM
Storage, as you have found, is expensive. If you can't store the car at your house, I would suggest not buying it. If you have room, and have the money for storage, consider building another garage for it. You would be surprised how inexpensive a one or two car garage is. Well under 10k. Or, you can look into a shipping container. They come in 20' or 40' lengths, and sell for 1-3k. You should be able to find lots of places in New England that deal with them. Shipping containers are nice since they are watertight, and are temporary structures so they don't require permits.