: Headliner cleaning tips?

08-26-11, 11:57 AM
The previous owner has a handicapped wife, and he used to keep the blue hangtag placard bit between the passenger's sun visor and the roof.

Over time, the blue dye used in the plastic rubbed off onto the headliner and visor material. It's not horrible, but if you have the visor down, it's obviously there.

What's the best product/method to clean the headliner material? I don't think there are any other areas, but I'd like to be prepared for possible future mishaps.


Of course, there's a chance it won't come out, but that's okay. It's not a huge deal, but if I can remove it, I'd like to.

Why he didn't, like me, use the driver's door pocket for storage, I have no idea. It's the ideal place.

08-26-11, 12:49 PM
Try plain old soap and water or chance the interior fabrics fading or you wiping off color.

08-26-11, 08:54 PM
Thanks, I'll give the simple solution a shot.

Not this weekend...still triple-digit heat.

08-26-11, 10:53 PM
You may also consider the ACDelco foaming glass cleaner sold at GM dealerships and other outlets. Sounds unusual, but this stuff is very surprising. I've used it for spot cleaning on the headliner and many other interior fabrics. I learned this trick from a professional detailer. Spray a small amount on part of the area and gently rub with a microfibre towel. It'll dry on its own.