: Tyres

08-26-11, 07:08 AM
Hi All,

anybody else got the 235 tyres on 71/2" rims?? .. I get a bit of tramlining which can be disconcerting to say the least .. any ideas on the best FAT tyres will be appreciated.

09-04-11, 09:42 AM
Aaaaggghh! Just been outside to do my weekly pressure check and found my rear offside 235/45/17 Pirelli flat with a lovely big nail stuck right in it!

Tomorrow now looks like going to my local tyre fitter to see if the puncture is repairable. I'm very thankful I have my 16 inch full size alloy spare which I've put on in the meantime. Messing around with a can of tyre foam is just the pits in my opinion and once used, you can't get the tyre repaired anyway (so I'm led to believe?) If the Pirelli is unrepairable, I guess I'll have to do some shopping around.

09-06-11, 01:53 AM
Hi ExRP01 .. is the spare you put in a 7-1/2" rim? .. if so do you have a sub-woofer on top of it? .. You are correct that if you squirt the gunk into a tyre it cannot be repaired! . I have finished up putting enduro's on the front which has reduced the tramlining, The rubbish tyres that were on the front now on the back and all is sweet for the minute.

Incidentally the old back tyres had "bumpy" wear .. my tyre guy tells me this is common with certain types of suspension e.g. bmw vectra etc.. with this kind of wear can be noisy like a wheel bearing going specially with a wagon!

09-06-11, 11:40 AM
Tong, hi and here was me starting the think the forum is getting fewer visits, though people are probably busy?

Anyway, my spare is a 16 inch genuine Cadillac BLS alloy. I got it from a breaker. Some poor bloke's BLS got it's front end destroyed by fire. I had one of the back alloys off the car, but I didn't realise it was a 16 incher until it was delivered! Ha, serves me right, but it is perfectly acceptable and legal as a spare because although a smaller rim, it does have the correct 215/55/R16 93V tyre on it, which is exactly in accordance with the hand book, so it sits perfectly properly on the car and more importantly, doesn't stuff up my speedo reading. I also bought the rear light clusters off the same vehicle, so I have them as spares just in case some doughnut cracks one of 'em! They cost me 40 quid each, I hate to think how much one would cost me brand new!

Back to the matter in hand, no, I don't have the subwoofer in the wheel well. When I bought the car new, I just got the jack, 12v air pump and tyre foam in the space where there should be a spare wheel! Anyway, tyre foam has long since been ditched, if its more than two years old, from what I have read on the web, it's useless anyway, and considering I am now fully aware that when I bought my car, 'new' it was in fact two years old!, hence the dates on the original tyres which are still on the car show they were made in the third week in January 2008. My car was sold as a 2009 model, even though it appears it was probably built in the first quarter of 2008. I say probably because from what I've learned, new tyres are rarely more than three months old when put on brand new cars. I bought my car in March last year.

On dumping the tyre foam, I initially bought a 'as new' Saab 9-3 space saver off a breaker and I carried that around until I got the spare alloy. I still have the Saab skinny mounted on my garage wall! When I had my punctured rear off side repaired yesterday, the tyre fitter said my spare alloy was absolutely fine as a spare and even commented on how good the six year old Goodyear its shod with, is holding up. Anyway, the spare alloy is back in the wheel well and I'm running on all four 17 inchers! Never had a problem with uneven wear. Most of my journeys are motorway or dual carriageway. Plus, I check the tyre pressures religiously, weekly with a decent gauge, so that probably helps, certainly with fuel efficiency anyway. I just filled up from almost empty to full yesterday, cost me 72 quid, but I got 600 miles out of the last tank, so I really can't complain.