: Ford 8.8 Rear Diff Swap Now On Website www.creative-steel.com

08-25-11, 11:06 PM
Our Ford 8.8 rear differential kit is now ready for sale. This kit has actually been available for some time, but as with any new product there are always a few details that must be worked out before going in to full production. Non of these issues had to do with the rear end itself, that part of the swap is tried and true. The issues were with the carrier bearings used in the new drive shafts, the new ones were too large to fit in the OEM bearing location, a solution was found. Adapters to mount the OEM drive shaft to the 8.8 pinion flange for those that want to retain the original drive shaft in their V was another time consumer.
Long story short......The 8.8 kits are now available.....see the website for more information. creative-steel.com