: TIC Clutch bleed help

08-25-11, 04:49 PM
Have the TIC remote bleeder. Done this a million times with the wife depressing and holding the pedal down I open the bleeder, let out some juice, close the bleeder, pull up the pedal from the floor and do it again. Something went south and now the pedal is completetly soft and no fluid will pump through the bleeder hose. Must of got some air in there somehow. Tried to pump the pedal and open and closed the bleeder 20 times with no results. Any ideas how to get the pedal back to pumping fluid? I have a Motive power bleeder for the brakes.

your maker
08-25-11, 05:48 PM
keep trying you will get it. if you empty the line it sometimes takes a bit

08-25-11, 06:47 PM
I hooked up the power bleeder. I can get fluid to move all the way through but the pedal is still dead. Should the clutch pedal be depressed when I push fluid through it?

08-25-11, 07:45 PM
I do not know if any of this will help, but here is the Service Manual's method:

Paraphrased from the Service Manual.(7-1485)
1. Fill the clutch fluid reservoir.
2. Stroke the clutch pedal from top to down position at least15 times.
3. With the clutch pedal depressed, open the concentricslave cylinder bleeder valve to release trapped air. The bleeder valve islocated on the bell housing.
4. Close the bleeder valve and slowly return the clutchpedal to the up stop.
5. Open the bleeder valve and slowly depress the clutchpedal from the top to fully depressed until the fluid escapes through thebleeder.
6. Close the bleeder valve.
7. Return the clutch pedal to the up position.
8. Depress the clutch pedal. (top to down)
9. Open the bleeder valve and allow air bubbles to escape.
10. Close the bleeder valve.
Keep checking the fluid reservoir and refill between steps.
11. Repeat steps 7-10 until the fluid without bubblesescapes through the bleeder valve.

And attached is a TSB with a GM revised method.

08-25-11, 08:30 PM
:bang2:Thanks Darkman I finally worked it out.:helpless:
Here is what worked after much trial and error.:banghead: Hook up the power bleeder and run fresh fluid through the system. The pedal was still stuck on the floor. Thats what puzzled me. Thyen with 15lbs of pressure in the system I did about 10 pumps using my hand to push and pull the pedal. Then after 10 pumps open and close the bleeder valve. Repeat the process about 3 or 4 more times. The pedals will begin to get hard. Check the pressure on the Motive once in awhile to make sure it's not to low. This is what works when you run the reservoir to low and lose the pedal when doing the tried and true two man method. The power bleeder cap for the GM brake master cylinder will fit on the clutch reservoir after much fiddling and mopping of expensive fluid. It does work though if you fart around with it.