View Full Version : Radio Music does not lower volume when Navigation Voice Prompt Activates

08-24-11, 04:33 AM

Whenever the Navigation Prompt Comes ON, the Radio or Music would reduce the volume and I would hear the Navigation Clearly. This is not happening anymore.

Does anyone know how to get it back to work normally?


08-24-11, 09:53 PM
Pull the Nav fuse and restore it. Alternatively, pull the negative battery cable & restore it. Otherwise, the Nav is always powered on.

08-24-11, 11:04 PM
This may also be an amplifier problem. Navigation voice commands, as I recall, only come from one speaker. The navigation radio only sends limited audio to the amplifier. The amp uses digital signal processing to direct the audio to specific speakers. Volume, fade, balance, bass, midrange and treble are also all controlled within the amplifier. The radio simply sends a data bus message to the amp as to which control the user has adjusted and the amp handles the processing. You may also want to pull the amplifier fuse as well. Without the correct tools, this could get a little tricky to diagnose.