: Rear Tire Wear Warning

08-23-11, 04:29 PM
Currently have an 06 STS v8 1SG with now 56,000 miles.

Original front tires - wore out the inner edge at 21,400 miles. They were real gone. Had the entire car aligned and put on a set of Kumho Ecsta ASX (30K warranty) tires.

At 28,900 the rear originals were worn done on the inside edge. So, I had the ASX tires moved to the rear, and put Kumho Ecsta Platinum LX (60K warranty) on the front.

So far, so good. Handles like a sports car and quiet on certain road surfaces.

At 56,000 the rear tires had both inner edges gone and massive tire separation. The car vidrated during coasting above 60 MPH and was starting to drift. I had all for tires re3planced when we saw the condition of the rears. Well, I got my warranty's worth on them, so a new set of Kumho Ecsta Platinum LX on the rear.

I then had the alignment done again, and I learned something new. The rear wheels are designed to have a -1.5 to -.3 and minne were set at a -.9 negative camber. Gives you real sports car - type handling, like the BMW type 5s or certain Mercadies, the competition for the STS, but wears the heck out of the inside tread of your tires. I asked the mechanic (at Goodyear, MacArthur and 121) to please reduce the camber if he could. I now have left camber rear -.2, and right rear camber -.4. This should help, as I don't drive sports competitions with my STS.