: Anyone see a decrease in performance when using a device connected to the OBD port?

Dale Pittman
08-23-11, 11:45 AM
I had heard about this a whyle ago, and thought it could not be real, but I have experienced it first hand.

For those of you who data log your dyno pulls or 1/4 mile runs from the OBD port you may want to unhook it and see if you notice any change between pulls or passes. Also, anyone who uses a programable gage that pulls the signal and power for the gage from the OBD port you may also see this issue.

Jesse mentioned it to me a month ago and I would have never guessed it to be true but since I unhooked my Dashawk (after using it extensivly) my problem I am troubleshooting with rough running, fouling plugs, and overall lower than optimum power levels seems to have went away.

Anyone else have this experience or is it old news and I am just now catching up to you guys?