: Please Help - error code 19 on 84 Deville ht4100

08-21-11, 10:53 PM
I'm stumped.....my 84 Deville HT4100 has been showing error code 19 ever since i installed the new ECM 3 weeks ago. At first, no error codes, but then all of a sudden there were several (13, 19, 30, 44, 42, 53)

For error code 19:
1) The ECM manual says: "Shorted Fuel Pump Circuit"
2) The Haynes Car Repair Manual says: "Shorted Fuel Pump Circuit. Check oil pressure swith, fuel pump relay and associated wiring harnesses. Check electrical connectos at ECM. May be a faulty ECM"

However, I dd the following:
1) Replaced the ECM (turns out the old one was still good)
2) replaced the oil pressure switch,
3) Tested the operation of the Fuel Pump Relay - no issue
4) Reviewed wires - everything looks fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to chase down and fix a "shorted fuel pump circuit"???