: 2012 Interior Colors: Need Help desiding

08-21-11, 09:41 PM
My wife is thinking about the "Mocha Steel Metallic" for an exterior color. She likes the "Shale" interior better then the Ebony.
With the Mocha color paint, the most common interior color is Shale w/Brownstone accents. I'm not a big fan on how the brown dash looks. What does everyone think about the Shale w/Ebony accents with the Mocha exterior? Will that combination be hard to find at the dealers?
For those that have the Shale w/Brownstone interior along with the Mocha paint, do you like how the brown looks with everything else in the interior?

How dark in the "Titanium w/Ebony accents"? Would that interior good any good with the Mocha Steel?

Thanks for your help.

Marc NY
08-22-11, 05:21 AM
Honestly I think the interior would look great in either color and I have seen the Shale w/Brownstone and thought it looked quite nice. I had back to back Buick Enclaves and both of them had a brown dash which I thought actually looked very sharp. It was defenitely a nice break from many years of having a black dash. Of course my next two vehicles were SRXs, one was in a Flannel Grey and now the Black Ice so my choices where limited to Ebony combinations only.

Good luck with your choice. :)

08-22-11, 04:40 PM
Good luck finding that exterior color without brownstone, I have only seen it with brownstone so I believe your search will be hard but any dealer can run a locator to confirm or deny. We did not like the brownstone dash but it is a personal choice and your paying for it so only your opinion counts (well along with your wife's i guess). We feel the ebony / titanium or titanium / ebony look the best but we also did radiant silver on the exterior.

08-22-11, 06:33 PM
I love the Titanium/Ebony interior! I think its the best. The Cocoa/Cashmere is a nicely modern colour, i just personally do not like it.
A pic of the Titanium/Ebony for ya.

08-23-11, 10:04 PM
For some reason the shale with brownstone interior does not look right to me on the Gen 2 SRX, not modern enough.
But the similiar color scheme in the Gen 1 looked good.

I am a big fan of the all ebony interior. the white stiching that was added to the seats really pops. The stitching is of course is on the dash like last year too.

I also like the titanium and ebony. Because it is a very dark grey and won't show dirt like the titanium in the CTS and gen 1 SRX.