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08-20-11, 06:14 PM
Hey guys i've looked through the search bar and found that no one currently has a tuning program for the 96-99 pcm. I've hear that you can use the LS1 Pcm to tune the northstar. Is this true? I wish someone would crack the northstar pcm to let these beast's of motors unleash. But no one seems to wanna do it. Anyone have any info they can help me with?

08-20-11, 06:29 PM
Go down to the bottom of this Engine Forum's main threads page - PCM tuning. Lotsa luck.

Start wading back through this Forum page list - there's an on again/off again carrot-dangling thread about PCM tuning.

For your 1993 there may be a ray of hope. For the 2003, we're flat out of luck. (and there's really not a lot of "beast" to "unleash" - your DTS and my STS are about as good as it gets for a NA FWD Northstar package.)

Go to www.corsaperformance.com (http://www.corsaperformance.com)

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09-16-11, 07:44 AM
The code doen't need to be cracked

09-16-11, 08:20 AM
AJ, What code doesn't need to be cracked ? What car, what years, what PCM ?

09-16-11, 11:17 AM
Some people act like it is a safe that needs to be opened. The OE calibration bin files are avalible, so that safe has always been open. The Writing of the tuned calibration back into the PCM has been a small issue, but I have done it several ways and TunerCat has helped me out to get his Writing software working on some of the Northstar PCM's, but the other way work on all of them. I sent a tuned 99 Seville PCM out to Australia last month and I am sending out Edwins 2000 today. As far as cracking the bianary code goes. That isn't how that work either. No cracking involved. Reverse engineering is 1 way to do it, but that isn't how the tuning software companies do that either. You can reverse engineer and you a disassmbler like I have on many calibrations. You can use a Background Debug Module. This is the way to do it, but you need a car and I no longer have Bert's DHS to use. N0dih has all of my Hardware equiptment anyway. Asking the right people for help is the best way to find the parameters in the calibration and that is the way I got my information allowing me to figure out all of my errors. I have made more mistakes in the last 8 months on Edwins PCM then all of the over 100 non Northstar tunes I have performed in that time. I still can't complete the tune and I require help getting the checksum and CVN calculated, but I hope I get that figured out or I step up and purchase a checksum calculator. Just looked at 1 for 3800 euro's and then I need too plug in my before checksum, CVN, the OE calibration and then the new calibration and it will give me the new Checksum and CVN.