: Need lamp cover for DTS

08-20-11, 11:14 AM
I need 2 step courtesy lamp covers for the front doors. I'll probably break the other one trying to get access to the bulbs. VIN for my car is 1G6KH5E63BU113113. Model is 2011 DTS.

08-20-11, 12:15 PM
$19.92 - list price each
$12.45 - your price each

these are the courtesy lights in the bottom edge of the door trim panel... under the map pocket
same part number for both sides


i don't stock them but i can get them (it will take about 4 days for me to get them from GM)


the forum is now limiting you guys to only send one PM per hour to cut down on some spammers or something... there's a thread going on about it

you can email me parts@rippyautomotive.com - i don't check that when i'm not physically at work though so if you need to get my attention in the evenings/weekends a PM is probably your best chance
(i do work 8-2 on satuday usually tho)

08-20-11, 02:15 PM
That's the part. I don't really need the upper housing, rather just the clear lens. But if it doesn't come separated than that's okay. I'll be giving you a call on Monday for them.

08-20-11, 07:19 PM
Yup comes all together.

08-29-11, 08:51 PM
Any word on the light covers?

08-30-11, 08:45 AM
did you call in and place an order? I checked our orders and shipping systems and don't see anything in there for you from the last couple weeks.

I see you said you would be calling us on Monday the 22nd (from your post earlier) but I don't recall talking with you and taking an order for these from you. Duane (who you had talked to in the past) also doesn't recall speaking with you either.

sorry for any confusion

09-01-11, 12:21 PM
are you still interested?