: Fuel lines on '68 472

10-23-04, 01:27 PM
I removed the stock fuel line/ filter combination on my 68 deville some years ago and replaced with electric pump, rubber line and inline filter. Would like to go back to using the manual pump and also to re-manufacture the metal line and filter combination I have long since lost. I have a replacement filter on the way (ordered from PartsAmerica online), but am not sure if the length of line between the filter and pump/ filter to carb are critical. It has a bypass back to the fuel tank to prevent vapor-lock (AC equipped cars), so don't know if placing it too low will lower pressure to carb???
If there's anyone out there that has a 68 deville (or similar) with the original metal lines and filter who could give some sort of measurement on the lines between the carb-filter-pump, I'd appreciate it.
Oh yeah - the reason I'm going back is: although it worked for several years as adapted, I had it parked awhile and now it seems to vapor-lock, even with the manual pump.Runs great until completely warmed up and then stops filling the bowl. The rubber lines add a few feet to the overall length of the delivery system, as they need a 'sweeping bend' to prevent kinking; maybe the added surface area contributes to the warming/pressure affects on the line?!?
Anyway, I'm gonna try to post a few pics of the filter and lines if I can find them - Thanks

10-23-04, 01:59 PM
I have a couple of pics from the Caddy manual, but can't seem to get them small enough to load here. I need to know if the vapor by-pass from the filter goes up or down also - can't tell from the pics