: 2005 cts-v won't start up after driving but starts fine when "cold"

08-19-11, 08:45 PM
I replaced my clutch switch which seemed to fix the problem for a few days. I also replaced that starter wire that gives everyone problems. The clutch switch seemed to fix the problem then I washed my car and it started doing the intermittent no starts again. I can drive my car around town stop get gas then go to start the car and no cranking or turning of the motor is happening. Electrical things all come on but the turning of the key does not produce any attempt to crank the car. I can pop the clutch rolling down a hill to get it started bring it home go to sleep and the next day it will fire up on first attempt. It always starts the first time if I attempt to start it when the car hadn't been driven around previously. I've read through multiple forums and that's where I got my first two ideas from. What should be my next step on getting this fixed? Before anyone gets a chance to say it, It is NOT the battery.... I need to get this fixed soon because my kooks headers, x pipe and low profile cutouts just came in the mail today so should I go ahead and pull the starter and test it? I was hoping to avoid a starter change because my wife isn't going to let me spend any more big money on the car this month. So if I can't fix this problem relatively cheaply I'm going to have to drive her civic hybrid around :gah:

08-19-11, 10:08 PM
My first guess would be the battery, which you say it cannot be. My second guess would be the starter solenoid. This assumes you have been over the car and have checked all the connectors and grounds.

08-19-11, 10:23 PM
Thank you for the diagram. I checked fuses and obvious stuff. I had my battery tested at the local auto parts store and have put my battery in a friends car cranked his car with it attempted to use his battery to crank mine but nothing happened. I wish it was the battery believe me lol simple and easy. I'm gonna print out the diagrams so I can go over them this weekend thank you for replying. I've been refreshing the screen every 5 minutes waiting for someone to chime in. I need to resolve this issue this weekend hopefully unless I have to order parts online

08-20-11, 11:22 PM
any other ideas of switches, relays, sensors, wires or anything else that it might be?

08-21-11, 08:34 AM
As a general statement, as starters begin to fail, it is generally when they are hot that they first stop working. But, you could test that. Go for a drive to get the car hot, put a volt meter on the starter, turn the key and see if it gets any juice. If so, something is wrong with the starter. If not, something is wrong somewhere else, clutch switch, passkey, who knows... Hopefully it's the starter.

08-21-11, 01:42 PM
I had a similar problem with a starter in a MB I used to own.

It would not work after it got warm.

08-22-11, 08:58 PM
Mine did the same thing and, changing the starter fixed it.

08-23-11, 09:10 PM
Thanks everyone. I'm gonna attempt to change the starter. I found an MSD starter for a little between 2-3 hundred. Or will a cheap ole starter do the trick ? I'm gonna have to wait for payday to come so might as well get your opinions on starters worth the price you pay.

08-23-11, 10:07 PM
Call Luke at Lindsay Cadillac for the best price on OEM.

08-24-11, 07:20 AM
OEM is just fine.

10-09-11, 09:18 PM
Did the starter fix it?

10-21-11, 12:51 AM
Death in the family guys so haven't had a chance I'll post the results after I get back situated.

12-21-11, 10:06 PM
So after replacing the original starter with a MSD starter ( it was BARELY more expensive and required NO core exchange) The problem is fixed so far. The wires were probably not in the best shape so the MSD starter came with all new wires and heat shield as well seems to be doing great. Not a big deal on the install. Common hand tools and some jack stands you are good to go...