View Full Version : Hypercision Automotive of Orland Park-Fantasic Shop!

08-19-11, 07:58 PM
With the recent down right horrific experience Jesse had with a dealer I thought I would post my absolutely amazing experience with a local shop Hypercision Automotive of Orland Park Il http://www.hypercisionautomotive.com/.
Guys were super knowledgeable and experienced and down right good guys.
Of course for any major mods I'd recommend Jesse Wait4me but for service these guys are the best I have seen.
I've also never seen such a range of cars, from some classic muscle cars, tons of Vetts a couple street Porsche's as well as several serious race cars, even off shore power boats!
They are real car guys that race and support all kinds of high performance vehicles.
One of the few places I have seen with a Hunter Road force balancer.
Highly recommend!