: Touring vs. Performance setting

08-19-11, 06:46 PM

I'm pretty new to the forum but I have a question that has been bugging me.

What is the difference between the Touring vs. Performance setting on my 2005 STS AWD 1SG. I'm guessing that the performance setting tightens the suspension? Is that all that happens? If not could yall brake it down for me? Thanks!

08-19-11, 08:41 PM
On a smooth road driving gently, 'Performance' isn't very different from 'Touring'. MRC adapts to your driving. Drive hard and you should notice less body roll & stiffer suspension overall from 'Performance'.

08-20-11, 07:11 AM
Not sure where you are located but here in Ohio in the winter there is an every road difference in the cold weather for the performance mode. Lot stiffer very harsh but that is the performance deal.

08-21-11, 12:59 PM
The damping is 'tighter' on 'performance'. Damping is the amount of control the shock absorbers (more-accurately called 'dampers') exert over the springs.

My 1SF car is no slouch on 'touring', mind you, but it is quieter (tire thwack) and softer on 'touring'. To feel/hear the difference, myself, I found a section of road nearby which I drive, daily. On 'performance', the concrete slab joints are obvious...on 'touring', they're there, but much less-intrusive. I've driven a mile of it on each setting, back-to-back, and for my daily-drive, 'touring' is just fine.

However...I do admit to playing with it every few weeks, just 'cause. :bouncy:

I also found, on 'touring', pulling into my driveway, I can feel the RF corner barely hit the bump-stop, and I get a couple of bounces, whereas on 'performance', it's about 30% less travel on that wheel, and there's one rather controlled 'bounce'.

The driveway is steep, and I'm surprised it's controlled this well, even on 'touring'. I kinda wish I could change it to 'performance' just to pull in the driveway, but I have yet to install the Lockpick and I have an older settings programming 'thing' on my car.