: 1970 Sedan DeVille - Missing vinyl top or ?

08-19-11, 04:42 PM
Hello all,

I think I may have found a good candidate in my quest to own a classic caddy. I looked at a 1970 Sedan DeVille today, and it was in pretty nice condition and priced right. Something that seemed odd to me was that it did not have a vinyl roof. I thought that only Calais models lacked vinyl roofs.

Here is the information I got from the car:

VIN - B0 243 107

Body Tag -
ST70 68349
FWD48782 BDY
TR 320 29 29 PN
22B KC

I am just wondering if the top had been removed at some point or if it was ordered without one - is there a way to tell from this information? Anyone know what any of those codes break down to?

Thanks in advance,

08-19-11, 06:03 PM
If you check out http://www.motorera.com/cadillac/cad1970/CAD70D.HTM

It lists an option as:
Vinyl roof in all Devilles except Convertible $153

maybe this one was ordered without the vinyl roof?

also funny to note that white wall tires were a $40 extra option. haha

08-19-11, 09:51 PM
Assuming you've transcribed your body plate correctly, your car (Condor Blue) did not have a vinyl top.

08-19-11, 10:08 PM
Esthetically, I prefer no vinyl. Lines look cleaner and maintenance is easier.

08-19-11, 10:16 PM
i agree..hate the v tops...never know what horrors are under there

08-19-11, 10:43 PM
i agree..hate the v tops...never know what horrors are under there

You know what's under there. We all do. That's why nobody wants to take the things off unless they have to. As long as it's covered up, you have plausible deniability.

cadillac kevin
08-19-11, 10:56 PM
I know whats under my top- painted metal. it hasnt failed...yet. (yet being the key word)

08-20-11, 05:16 AM
Assuming you've transcribed your body plate correctly, your car (Condor Blue) did not have a vinyl top.

Hello to all and thanks - Could you tell me which part of the tag codes reveal that information? I checked out the link in the replies above, but I didn't see reference to the vinyl top. Is there a single online resource site that puts together all of the information to completely decode Cadillac body tags? What other sources of info should I invest in if I want all of this information (manuals, etc)? I would be curious to know what all of the alpha-numeric characters refer to on the tag.

thanks again,

08-20-11, 01:32 PM

The best sources for all this information are a 1970 Saleman's Data Book and the 1970 Cadillac Factory Service Manual. The data book contains a wealth of information regarding options, pricing, samples of interior materials and paint chips, and lots of other cool stuff. Best $50 I ever spent! The factory service manual is invaluable for troubleshooting and learning how all the stuff on the car works.

As to the data plate, it decodes as follows:

ST70 68349 (ST=style 70=1970 model year 68349=hardtop SDV)

FWD48782 BDY (BDY=body FWD=Fleetwood body plant 48782=body number)

TR 320 29 29 PN (TR=interior trim 320=seat fabric and style code [I'm guessing dark blue leather, bench front seat] PN=paint code 29 29=Condor Blue paint with a painted roof in the same color)

22B KC (these are factory option codes)

Above the style and body line on the body tag, there's a three character code showing the month and week of that month that your car was built.

As for the VIN tag, B=hardtop SDV, 0=1970, 243170=build sequence number, making your car the 143,169th 1970 Cadillac produced.

Post some pics of your find when you can! :)


08-22-11, 09:21 AM
Thanks Craig for all of the info. I am waiting for the owner to get the motor running. He told me when I went to look at the car that it had sat outside for a little while now but he started it up just the other day. When I was there to see the car, the engine would not start. Overall it is in pretty nice shape and very original. I told him if he gets it into shape so that I can test drive it then we will do the deal. If this deal falls through, it means more looking. Actually a 69 or 70 DeVille convertible is my dream car but a sedan is nice also and this one is reasonably priced for the condition. We'll see how it goes...

thanks again,