: Power loss on 89 brougham

08-18-11, 11:21 PM
hey i have an issue but dont know exactly what it is. first whenever i start my car usually the rpms are high because the engine is cold. well my car revs up for like 3 seconds and then the rpm drops all the way down to were it wants to turn off. also once the car has warmed up i hear the rpms fluctuating high, low, high, low etc. i was assuming it was a vacuum leak but i cant find it. and lastly while driving the car with a full tank of gas mind you, it just seems bogged down. its like no matter how hard i push the pedal it accelerates at the same speed, unless of course i completely mash the gas pedal then it chuggs on up to speed. im thinking all are related maybe fuel related at that. appreciate the help in advance.

08-22-11, 08:13 AM
what motor is in your car? it could be a lot of different things wrong.i would start off by checking the injectors,just pull off the air filter and while its running look in the tbi if they aren't both spraying then its fuel related.

08-22-11, 09:40 AM
Its the 307 Oldsmobile with the qjet Carb. Sounds like you have an issue with the carb being out of adjustment. Or a vacuum leak you haven't found yet.