: Looking to sell it all! 7 80's- 92 Cadillac broughams parts cars

08-18-11, 11:15 PM
Im sure some of you guys remember me. Havent been on in a while. Work has changed and I have fallen out of the loop. My old loop for those who dont know or remember me was parting out 90-92 broughams. Well time is not there anymore, and i want all the cars/parts gone. I have 7 cars. I could clean up quick and scrap them all for the metal, but could not live with myself if i did that.

I have 5 90-92 Broughams. 2 are totally complete, 3 are in some state of being stripped.

And I have 2 Fleetwood Coupes. Info on these cars are here.


Not looking to sell parts, unless your local. Sorry just no time to dismantle, ship ect like I use to. the cars are all in Mass. Anyone in the area looking for a parts car? you can email me at bigbear4o9@comcast.net

Otherwise im still rocking my 96 Fleetwood, now with over 200k miles, and my 96 Eldorado Coachbuilders Convertible.

08-18-11, 11:18 PM
Also have many of many parts from past cars ive parted. Ive stripped about 12 of these over the last few years. So anyone in the new england area looking for something, come buy a whole car and ill make you a deal!! Fill it with parts and take one away!

08-19-11, 01:38 AM
Too bad Im not in the US and somewhat close to you because that's a project I want to do sometime.

08-19-11, 07:43 AM
man...too bad you're not selling parts I could use some parts for my 87!

I'm in Maine so it's not super far away...I could make the trip to pick them up. Unfortunately...I can't have another whole car...I've got 3 cadillacs and only one parking space. haha.

08-19-11, 11:12 AM
Welcome back, buddy. It has been too long.

For the newbs, I can personally vouch for this seller, having bought from him numerous times, and I have met him in person more than once.


08-19-11, 11:46 AM
A bunch of good cars but no shipping :(

08-19-11, 01:39 PM
So hire a truck, and get some cars shipped to you! That two-coupe deal is crazy...

08-19-11, 03:45 PM
I'd love to have the coupe deal, but at the other end of the continent and not enough room to keep them, it's out of the question. Just curious, what's the asking price for the coupe deal?

08-19-11, 07:24 PM
Just clicked on the link, nice coupes. If I could keep the price under 1k shipped, id do it.

08-19-11, 08:07 PM
Fly to Boston, put a trailer hitch on the 81, load up the trailer with the 84 on the back, and drive home!

cadillac kevin
08-19-11, 09:33 PM
I wish I was closer to boston- then I'd have 3 caddies instead of 1.
best of luck on the sale. hope someone on this board buys them.

08-19-11, 10:25 PM
Jay, buddy how have you been!? Master Owner medalion huh? Hows the fleet?

Im open to offers on the coupes. If they are going to someone who will do somthing with them that doesnt involve Hydralic fluid or candy paint id take around $1000 for the pair.

08-19-11, 11:57 PM
Holy... crap. Two triple black FWB D'Elegance coupes for a G note. Someone's going to win the lottery.

I'm good, and the fleet is too. Just closed a deal on another, but won't get it until next month. Another longroof, but it's black ;) I don't want to sidetrack your thread, though. I have a 94 triple black parts car if you need anything for your car, too! You know the email...

08-20-11, 12:04 AM
That's a helluva good deal if you ask me. Yeah, I'm not too fond of the wild paint and suspension mods some of these guys do. I prefer stock wheels and factory paint colors. And of course Coupes are my favorite.

08-20-11, 09:54 AM
Damn, thats a deal! But it would be far from original when I got done with it.

08-20-11, 05:42 PM
you should contact Richy from boston
Im pretty sure he was interested in them
if you dont have his # I can send it to you....

08-20-11, 08:54 PM
wow i want them so bad but i live in oklahoma. i have a 1990 brougham parts car and have been waiting for a 80s coupe to put the clip on. do you think the shipping charge to oklahoma would be expensive. or maybe i could fly out and drive the running one back pulling a trailer with the parts car on it.

08-21-11, 11:07 AM
These wont last long enough for me to work things out. I could use the 84. Anybody want to go half on the coupes?

08-21-11, 01:57 PM
I just bought a 1990 Brougham 5.7 probably will need some parts I live very close.

08-21-11, 10:31 PM
I dont recomend driving the 81. I pulled it out of stroage 3 years ago and at that point it has not been moved in 10 years, ive just moved it around the garage, around the block ect since.

I want to clean the slate.
Shipping to oklahoma would run you close to a grand id think. Not worth it for a parts car IMO.

SLS96... i have anything you could ever need. Let me know.