: Did I break the TPMS sensor?

08-18-11, 12:07 AM
Wonderful! For whatever reason my last tire installer very much tightened the valve stem caps. So of course I (wanting to even all the pressures up) get a 10mm socket and driver and try to get a cap off and it breaks the valve stem. The little shrader valve with the little rubber oring is sticking out of my socket and the broken stem on the wheel just dumps all the air. QUESTION: Is the stem part of the TPMS system or can it be easily replaced by a tire dealer? I am gathering info assuming they will have no idea. Can the stem be replaced from the outside without even removing the tire? Thanks for any input. Hoo STS 2005 V6 2WD

08-18-11, 12:54 AM
you'll need a whole new tpms sensor

the newer style (rubber valve stem) that is currently being used on almost all the cadillacs has a replaceable valve stem but the metal valve stem styles are all one piece (sensor + valve stem)