: Odd Cruise control/blinker(turn signal, indicator what ever you call them) issue.

08-17-11, 07:57 PM
Car is a 2005 CTS-V. 26,000 miles, bone stock.
I installed a sub and amp this weekend and this is when my problem started. Let me try and go over my install to answer any questions that might get asked.
Power wire is run off the battery, through large grommet under steering wheel shaft, under scuff plates under rear seat to amp. Remote is run from rear fuse box to amp(run off audio fuse).
I initially was going to run my remote from the brown wire under the dash, but when i tapped into it, i got no power. I later learned I tapped the wrong wire. The amp works perfectly, and the sub sounds great, that isnt my issue.

I have no cruise control now, and my turn signals do not work.
When I push the cruise button the little light on the button doesn't light and I can't set the speed. I have no left or right blinkers, but I do have emergency flashers. All other steering wheel functions work, headlights, drl, fogs, brakes, tail lights, everything. I am perplexed. I checked the fuse for steering wheel controls under the hood, its good. I tested it with an ohm meter, and even switched it out. I checked both fuses under the steering column, and both are good. I am going to cut and reconnect the wire I tapped that was incorrect, but at this point I dont think its the issue as its not actually broken.

Im really at a loss.

08-17-11, 09:16 PM
My old man is a cadi/gm tech and did some investigating. He found that the cruise and the blinker stalk share a common 12v source. My CC fuse under the colum has no power. So, im going wire/connector chasing to find out where the power loss is.