: 94 Fleetwood Antenna and Interior Lights Problem

08-17-11, 04:13 AM
Hey I just bought a 94 fleetwood, and I have 2 main electrical issues atm.

One that probably is easy to fix/figure out is I installed an aftermarket headunit and bypassed the factory amp. Doing so the only thing thats plugged into the headunit from the antenna is the coaxial cable, but nothing for the power. When the radio is on, it picks up signal but since never goes up its always pretty shitty. What do I need to do to get it to work? If I had to guess I was going to split the green wire from the original harness (since I'm assuming thats the antenna power cable) to the switch power on the headunit (so it goes up only when the radio is on).

As for the interior lights, they stay on for the 10min at a time before the safety turns on. It seems like the door sensors should be working because if all doors are left open when the light turns off, they dont turn back on till finally all doors are closed. Also read somewhere that the white cable plugged into the trunk lid might fix the problem, but just unplugged it and didnt fix it. Not sure if was supposed to leave the ground there and just cut the white one (since read it might be a round issue the lights are having), but didnt try that if I didnt have too. (irrelevant but whats that plug for anyways?) So anyone know a solution to this? Really annoying trying to look for things at night since I keep the fuse out.


08-17-11, 03:27 PM
Actually, just realized I could run the antenna power to the capacitor I have in the trunk. Just need to know what the orange (left) and the green (center) cable that are on the plug are for? If anyone could please chime in and let me know what they are would be great.

08-18-11, 01:29 PM
its probably grounded to the body, so orange is probably power and the other is the one that tells it to go up or down.

thats just a guess though, i could be very very wrong