: Outside Mirror Disassembly and Reassembly.

08-15-11, 01:07 AM
Disassembly/Reassembly of the 2005+ STS outside rear view mirrors.

There are a few important points to keep in mind.

The mirror glass can be broken easily if not handled carefully.
It is important to reassemble the mirror correctly. Failure to follow the directions will result in the mirror not working correctly.
I have used this procedure to disassemble and reassemble multiple mirrors on a variety of GM vehicles that use this mounting and adjusting mechanism. Despite this, perform the procedure at your own risk. These are expensive components should you break anything. The author will not be responsible for any damages, even if directions are followed as written.

To understand the procedure, you should first become familiar with the anatomy of the mirror glass.


In most cases you'll find instruction and helpful information written on the photograph.

Start by removing the mirror glass. Be careful when removing the wires for the heating element. The terminals are attached to a mylar type film. I always try to hold the base of the terminal with a finger while gently removing the wire. This helps to ensure I don't tear the mylar or otherwise damage the element. These two black wires are not polarized and it doesn't matter which wire goes back onto each terminal.


In every case I've had, the moveable adjuster posts have come off with the mirror glass/glass mount. These must be removed.


To separate the painted mirror housing from the base attached to the door, the motorized adjuster assembly must be removed.


Carefully hang the adjuster mechanism from the wires. Be sure not to scratch the paint on your door. Now the painted cover can be removed. As you remove the painted cover, you will need to feed the adjuster mechanism through the hole.





The remaining steps relate to reassembly/reattachment of the mirror glass. READ ALL INFORMATION CAREFULLY!




When reinstalling the glass, reattach the heating element wires and if applicable, the side blind zone alert indicator connector. I use a foam padded sanding block as shown in the next photo.


To reinstall the glass:

Ensure the tabs on the adjuster posts are rotated so they will align with the groves on the plastic mirror base.
Align the primary pivot point in the centre to the post on the motorized adjuster.
Using a padded sanding block, hold the mirror in place against the motorized adjuster.
Place your spare hand on the back of the mirror housing to add support as you firmly snap the primary pivot point into place.

*** In the remaining steps, several loud clicks are normal. Use the padded sanding block in every step. ***

Push the mirror all the way upward firmly to snap the ball of the adjuster post ball into the mirror base. Manually return the mirror to neutral.
Push the mirror all the way inward firmly (toward the car) to snap the adjuster post ball into the mirror base. Manually return the mirror to neutral.
Push the mirror all the way downward firmly to snap the vertical position sensor post ball into the mirror base. Manually return the mirror to neutral.
Push the mirror all the way outward (away from the car) to snap the horizontal position sensor post ball into the mirror base. There is no need to return the mirror to neutral.

With the ignition in the accessory position, try adjusting the mirror in all directions. If you are successful, the adjuster posts have snapped into the mirror base correctly.

With the mirror control, adjust the mirror all the way down and outward. If you select your driver setting, the mirror should adjust to the previously saved position. If this occurs, the two sensor post balls have also correctly seated into the mirror base.

05-24-13, 04:49 PM

Maybe I've already asked you about this but if not here goes...

Is there another GM model that uses the same mirror shape that has the corner lamps in the glass that could be retrofit into the housing?
Or maybe the LEDs are already there just not wired up (since the plastic mold has the chevron in it)?

05-24-13, 05:15 PM
I did some research but never found another mirror shaped the same as the STS. I can't definitively say that the chevron LED's are not in the assembly, however I did connect the third terminal when I had the mirror out and saw nothing at all through the glass. This may well be because of the heating element, but I looked very closely from all angles (front and back) for any trace amount of light and there was nothing at all. I'm still toying with the idea of changing the mirror glass to the export version with the built in convex. If I go ahead with this, I'll have to transfer the LED assembly for my SBZA and I'll know for sure at that point.

05-24-13, 07:24 PM
If you do and get to that point and determine that there isn't any LEDs in the chevron, there are a lot of DTS mirrors on ebay that have SBZA and Signal in them if you wanted to harvest a new chevron module if you decide that you wanted to add signals in the mirrors.

05-24-13, 08:52 PM
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. If/when I do get that taken apart I'll post my findings one way or another.

06-05-15, 02:01 AM
THIS is what I've been looking for! Great "how-to". Thank you!