: Smells like exhaust in antifreeze again............... ?

08-14-11, 03:29 PM
Purchased the 00' Eldo with blown HG's and the ever popular 741 and 1860 codes in transmission along with a persistent 480 code. No low speed cooling fans, back in February

Fast forward to right now. After 3 weeks in my coworkers garage and ripping out the N* and trans doing all the work and putting it back together using new everything after completely draining all vital fluids and using new i was doing its 500 mile oil change and checking all vitals of the Eldo. I popped the tank cap and caught a big whiff of exhaust yet again.........

it has not overheated. The fans come on now when they have to. haven't beaten it. Block was good and so where the heads.

Only been on the road for less than 2 weeks since completed so I am baffled a little why it smells like exhaust again.

Only thing I can come to a sane conclusion is that the we might have goofed on the TQ specs for the heads.

Any Thoughts?

08-14-11, 05:45 PM
Drive the car and do a block test sometime soon...........www.sjdiscounttools.com/lis75500.html

If the engine was shot when you bought the car, there's no telling what a previous owner dumped into the coolant reservoir. Probably the reason it now stinks.

00 Deville
08-14-11, 09:07 PM
Block was good and so where the heads.

Did you repair all 20 head bolt holes in the block? If so what method of repair was used?

08-14-11, 09:41 PM

08-15-11, 02:08 AM

"Block was good" makes me think no thread repair method was used at all