: Audio levels

08-14-11, 12:27 PM
Hi all... been ages since on here. Thats a good sign as mine has had no issues at all. However, I do read all the threads... keep it up! I did not get a user manual for the Bose system and I have two very different audio levels: the CD is much louder than the radio so I need to be aware before I switch. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the levels so I do no get a loud shock from radio to CD?

08-15-11, 10:03 AM
Hi Billy,

If you have the Bose with "Centrepoint" system, as with my BLS's Infotainment system with colour, touch-screen Navigation, then I think that the system saves separate volume and tone/surround sound settings for each component - SatNav, CD, AM/FM radio and AUX input. Mine has the Centrpoint option in the Audio menu and the Sound tab or page. Page 60 of my manual says "The surround function settings are saved for each individual source". That may also include the volume. SO, perhaps you have Centrepoint set on for say the Radio, but not for the CD?

The Cadillac BLS Infotainment User Guide which came with my car is almost identical to a Saab guide in PDF form which I found on the internet to read while I was waiting to collect my BLS in January 2010. I can email you a copy of that PDF if you can't find it? It is 6Mb in size or 3Mb when compressed into a zipped folder in Windows.

When I get back to my car later today I will run some experiments to test whether my volume levels are set for each source and whether those settings remain after I switch off and lock the car.

08-16-11, 04:26 AM
Well, I was mistaken. I had never noticed it until you mentioned it Billy, but my BLS audio is also much quieter when playing FM radio than when playing a CD. The volume level controls do not seem to be independent for each source, so if I set radio to a suitable level then the CD will be too loud. If I set the CD to a suitable level then the radio will be too quiet.

The Bose Centerpoint surround sound setting is not available for FM radio, it can only be activated for CD. It looks like the tone controls - Treble, Mid and Bass seem to be set per each source, but not the volume.

Bit of a shame really. I'll add it to the list of other deficiencies - no USB or SD Card music connector, no postcode entry and no speed cameras for the SatNav. However, given the price I paid I really can't complain.

08-16-11, 04:29 AM
Cheers.... that sounds about right..... will have a dabble myself and failing that, will give this problem to my son who isn't a technophobe!