: 275/60r15

08-13-11, 06:04 PM
does anyone know if a 275/60 15 fit inside the rear fender skirt? i dont wanna buy new rims but i wanna fatter tire on the rear.

08-13-11, 06:25 PM
255 is the widest you will get. I'm running 255s with about 1/3" before I hit the skirt. Stock rim is 7" and you are wanting to put on an almost 11" tire. It wont work, it will wear down the tire way too fast. What car do you have?

08-13-11, 07:51 PM
94 fleetwood. the tire is only 1.5 inches wider then the stock size. i work at a auto shop so i have access to almost any size tire a i want but our computer says that tire is a plus size and i thought it would be to big to but who knows the tire company would know better then me italso has the same circumference asd the stock 235/70

08-13-11, 08:13 PM
Try one on and see how it fits. FWIW, they fit fine on my skirted 71 Pontiac, and also on my skirted Roadmaster wagon.