: A/C Gurus? Limo A/C Questions

08-13-11, 01:02 PM
This really is to figure out how this thing works rather than to solve a specific problem....for now. I'm assuming that once I get the faulty solenoid valve fixed (more on that below) that it will function properly.

So this solenoid valve wasn't working:


This is the solenoid part of it:

It's attached to a line that is tee'd off of the stock evap core lines. The solenoid valve controls the flow of refrigerant to the limo A/C evap core. Just beyond it is this nifty little valve looking thing. It's tough to see but it's UNDER the big line and has a copper wire running up to that big line. I assume that it's some sort of temperature control valve (given the coiled copper wire). What purpose would this serve?


Then there's this thing. It appears to be another accumulator/drier but it's on the high pressure side of the system. It's tee'd into a line off of the stock condenser line. It is plumbed in after a second condenser installed by the coach builder. As you can see, it's pretty rusty and crusty. My other limo had the same auxiliary A/C setup (additional condenser, solenoid valve, etc.) but didn't have this thing. I'm wondering if I can do without it if/when it fails? It was leaking at one of the fittings but I think I got it to seal.


Anyway, once I get the new solenoid valve installed I'll see what I've got. There was nothing flowing to the rear evap core so I don't know if I have any leaks there yet.

And, unrelated to the a/c thing, there is not much air coming out of the front vents. You can hear the fan is on high but there's not much volume. My '96 was the same way. Is this just the way it is? Based on the sound the fan is making, I would expect a lot of volume out of the vents.