: Next Mod... Power Folding Mirrors.

08-13-11, 03:23 AM
I decided to add power folding mirrors. This is RPO DL7 with a twist. I get the impression that Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA) is not available in the European STS (hard to believe we may have an option not available there). The most optioned export mirror I could find includes:

1. Memory
2. Power Adjust
3. Heated
4. Auto-Dim (Driver Side)
5. Power Folding

Because of this I had to use the glass from my own mirror since I do have SBZA. This meant I had to add wiring for the SBZA indicator. Not a really big deal as I simply transferred it from my original mirror. The outside (painted) housing is identical between the manual and power folding mirrors so I was able to transfer these across without having to get the new ones painted.

I am still waiting for my new door panel with the power folding switch to arrive. For this reason I had to use my Tech2 to control the mirror for testing and my demo video.

This is the original mirror wiring harness (partially disassembled). I had to remove the wiring for the SBZA indicator.

Addition of a new Molex MicroFit 3.0 connector to connect the harness to the SBZA indicator assembly.

In case you wondered what the mirror glass looks like on the other side. No, there are not any LED's in the housing for a signal mirror. I would have been all over this had there been. This is obviously a generic assembly that can be used in other mirrors with the signal mirror option (? Lucerne).

And a short video show the mirror in action...
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w96/dda1080/_STS%20Power%20Folding%20Mirrors/th_MVI_0676.jpg (http://s174.photobucket.com/albums/w96/dda1080/_STS%20Power%20Folding%20Mirrors/?action=view&current=MVI_0676.mp4)

08-13-11, 10:14 AM
Very cool, how did you switch over the mirror heads? I would of assumed they of been different to allow for the motor to fold them? Part numbers would also be great if you can provide them!

08-13-11, 05:41 PM
Great ! How did you dis-assemble the mirror completely.
Thanks !

08-13-11, 06:36 PM
I have more pics I'll post later that better depicts the disassembly process. Just working on the passenger side now so once I'm done I'll get those up.

08-14-11, 10:18 PM

08-15-11, 01:09 AM
For information on how to disassemble/reassemble the outside mirrors, look here...


08-15-11, 11:32 PM
How do you fold the mirrors in? Is it a button you push or is it when the car goes off? something you do in the settings?

How do you know if you have/don't have this feature? Is it the codes RPO DL7 or SBZA?



08-16-11, 12:37 AM
The folding mirrors work using a switch on the driver's door. It is a pushbutton like the one for power window lockout, only it's in front of the mirror adjustment control. Push once, folds in. Push again, extends.

The RPO for power folding mirrors is DL7, however these were only installed on cars exported outside North America. DR2 is the same mirror, only manual folding. This was all GM installed on the North American STS. The DR2 mirrors come in (from what I can tell) two variations. With or without side blind zone alert. There are some other options for different language text on the passenger mirror as well, but this also is an export product.

Side Blind Zone Alert (RPO: UFT) is part of the Driver Awareness Package (RPO: Y53) which also includes Head-Up Display (RPO: UV6) and Lane Departure Warning (RPO: UFL).
There are two ways to tell if you have Side Blind Zone Alert. First, check the RPO codes on the cover over your spare tire. The easier way is to look at your outside mirrors when you start the car. The indicator will illuminate briefly every time the car is started.

In order for me to add this option, I purchased new parts from a GM dealer. Both outside mirrors and, for overall ease, a new drivers door panel. This included the correct switch assembly and bezel for this option. I received the door panel today and will post a picture once I get it installed.

08-16-11, 12:07 PM
Very Nice Modification!

08-17-11, 01:14 AM
How do you fold the mirrors in? Is it a button you push or is it when the car goes off? something you do in the settings?


Here are a couple of photos of the door panel.


Very Nice Modification!


08-17-11, 09:37 AM
part numbers?

08-18-11, 02:42 AM
part numbers?

L Mirror P/N: 25827596
R Mirror P/N: 25827597

The door panel part number will vary depending on the trim colour and style. You can purchase just the bezel and switch assembly but I don't know how you'd replace the bezel. When I looked at the door panel, GM puts all the components together and melts down posts to bond everything. It would be necessary to grind off the melted posts but I'm not sure you you'd put everything back together again and have it hold. This is why I purchased the whole trim panel. It comes complete with the switch assembly, bezel, door handle, lock/unlock switch, LED, trunk release, puddle lamp and new retainers to secure the panel to the door.

It is not possible to do this mod without the correct Driver Door Switch Assembly (DDSA). This is actually a body module (not just window switches/mirror control) and sends the signal to fold/extend via the GMLAN bus to the Driver Door Module (DDM). The DDM controls the mirrors.

08-18-11, 10:48 AM
I can switch the bezels, it required drilling 4 holes in the back of it that youll NEVER see when installed (I had to switch my stock wood onto my STS-V panels). Do you have the part number for just the switch and bezel? Was any programming required?

08-18-11, 08:36 PM
I figured that since the bezel is available as a service part, it could be switched. A couple of reason I went for the whole new door panel was that I was worried out rattles/creaks after reassembling if I had to grind/drill parts and reattach with screws or other means as well as a scuff that I wanted to get rid of.

There is no programming required. If you don't have side blind zone alert it will be as simple as a straight across mirror swap. I had to move some wiring because of my option package. As a side note (I'll post a picture later), the export mirror on the left side has a small outboard section that is convex. Kind of cool but I couldn't use it. The passenger side (with the part number I provided) has no text ("Objects in mirror..." is missing).

The part number for the switch assembly is 25746447and the bezel (if you have the Sapele wood) is 15933368.

Are you trying to tell me I won't have the only STS with electric folding mirrors in North America LOL?

08-19-11, 01:04 PM
Nice job. Spendy modification. Just shy of $400/mirror it appears. I assume you have to manually adjust them via the button? They don't automatically fold when car is locked?

08-19-11, 02:51 PM
Nice job. Spendy modification. Just shy of $400/mirror it appears. I assume you have to manually adjust them via the button? They don't automatically fold when car is locked?
It was expensive but I like them. The right mirror was quite a bit less expensive than the other as it doesn't auto-dim like the left. Regardless, with the door panel and both mirrors it was roughly $1,700 without paint (retail). I got better pricing which made it easier to do.

Control is only through the switch. It would be nice to have them fold/unfold on entry and exit of the car. Looking through the export owner's manual though there aren't any configuration options possible through the nav :(

06-02-16, 11:23 PM
are thewires in the door from the factory for power folding mirrors as i have ordered power folding one used from ebay to put on my 07 cts base,hoping the car is wired with the opitions from factory as they used to be,any info or i will find out when i take off door panel. thanks

06-03-16, 03:30 AM
I'm not too familiar with the CTS but I expect it to be very similar to the STS. The folding motor control is part of the door module. Since the mirror connectors plug right into the door module I expect that part will be fine. The other issue is the control since cars without this option will not have the switch. What are your plans for this?