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08-13-11, 03:20 AM
Has anyone tried this app on an iphone.... Any chance of it working on 2007 lade?? Screenshots look realllly cool!!

08-13-11, 04:31 AM
It is really cool but prob not much chance of it working on an 2007 since it was introduced in 2011 and made compatible with the 2010. It is a neat app though.

08-13-11, 07:58 PM
As said 10' is as far back as they go, neat but basically useless

08-14-11, 12:22 AM
Just setup the remote link to my 2011 Ext the app works great.

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08-14-11, 01:14 AM
Just setup the remote link to my 2011 Ext the app works great.

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Same here. Works great!

08-14-11, 02:56 AM
I think it's a pretty cool app, and somehow useful too. Do You guys know if this is a module issue, so if I put in an '11 onstar module will the app work...

08-14-11, 05:32 AM
I believe I read somewhere it is the computer. You'd be looking at a brain transplant!!!!!

08-14-11, 07:11 AM
Brain transplant seems pretty straight forward :cool2: .....

08-14-11, 09:43 AM
I saw this in the CTS forum.


08-17-11, 11:33 AM
I use it a lot. Very neat, but not instant though. If you're inside the house and planning to leave in 10 minutes, then you can warm/cool your car first... but if you're already walking toward it, the FOB is faster.

08-19-11, 04:32 AM
Honestly, when is Cadillac going to offer this app for Blackberry owners? People who can afford these vehicles are generally business oriented and generally have Blackberry's a lot of the time. Cadillac, hello?