: 2007 Escalade EXT Console Lid

08-13-11, 12:56 AM
My console lid is starting to look a little rough.

Is it possible to replace just the lid of the center console (arm rest)?

If so, what is the part #?

Any help would be appreciated.


08-15-11, 11:09 PM
Wow no help? Not even from the part guys?

08-16-11, 09:26 AM
You should give it a few months. The new 2012 are suppost to come with a new console lid I think. There might be a chance thats its nicer and it might just fit. and if it does fit it ll probably be the same retail as the older one:) I dont know if you can just order the lid but on ebay they have some. I dont recall if they were new or not but might want to check there

08-25-11, 04:18 PM
Yea I saw on the things added on the 2012 models, that they do indeed plan on having an updated center console. If so, I definitely want one similar to the Platinums with a gap in the middle. I miss having that in my 08 Tahoe : /

08-29-11, 10:34 AM
I use gmpartsgiant.com to find out this info. They seem to have the best diagrams and descriptions although
at times confusing because descriptions aren't always what you would expect. They also selling the parts.

Here is a link to their page on how to find parts in the GM catalog.


here are two more links the first being the "parts detail" for the console and the 2nd
being the "exploded parts view" for your 2007 EXT.

http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/Page_Product/PartDetail.aspx?modelYear=2007&model=Escalade&make=Cadillac&catalogCode=57C&subModel=Ext%20%28AWD%29&modelCode=K10936&driveCode=K&seriesCode=109&bodyStyleCode=36&engineCode=L92&transCode=MYC&rpo=Z75%20L92%20MYC%20NR3%20Y91%20KNP%20JF4%20CJ2% 20AN3%20Z55%20DF5%20DL3&majorIndexID=16&isBigPicture=False&goBack=False&ddlSm=Ext%20%28AWD%29&minorIndexID=TC1640801

http://www.genmotorinfo.com/Picture.aspx?ccId=214188627&ppId=79585954&ppInfo=2007-2009+K1%2836%29%2cConsole%2fFloor%2c%28Cadillac+Z7 5%29+-+TC16408

Unfortunately they don't give you the complete GM p/n they use " ** " the first 2 digits but with that info and the description the complete GM p/n can be found on other sites.