: GM vs. FORD

08-12-11, 09:32 PM
I’m a GM guy through and through. I look at other manufacturers on the occasion that they produce something that catches my eye but always come back to GM. I especially enjoy the rivalry between my in-laws and I, they have always had Lincoln Navigators. So Ford doesn’t really have anything that appeals to my sense of style right now BUT, their twin turbo Ecoboost V6 has caught my eye. I understand that the purist in here will say “yeah but it doesn’t sound like a V8” and they’ll be correct in that response, but that little engine is not too much more than half the size of ours and is making almost the same power while reporting decent mileage. Of all the engines I’ve owned, most all were big block chevys and one was a foreign made hemi V6 and an inline 4. I enjoy the GM V8 horsepower and would hate to think of giving up on the larger displacement engines. I think this Ecoboost engine is GM’s wake up call to do something big or deal with the consequences. Understanding that Ford hasn’t produced an appealing SUV with the amenities of our Cadillac’s, but they may have figured out a good formula for the horsepower to gas mileage ratio. I’m not sure that GM’s Active Fuel Management will be enough to sustain them in the future. After all, they’re taking our big engines and cutting them in half.

08-12-11, 10:12 PM
The new explorer lools pretty good. Maybe they will change the expeditions. I domt see why more vehicle companys dont use turbos these days

08-12-11, 11:16 PM
I like the new Explorer but completely dismissed it when I found out it was a FWD. As for GM they are at least a decade behind Japan, Germany, and Ford. (ohv engine) . Not to mention over 80k for my platinum and I have a DVD based nav.:banghead: anyway they do need to up the standards. Hopefully the new proposal for higher mpg vehicles will force gm to drop those engines and get something modern and then they can work on fuel efficiency.

08-13-11, 12:29 PM
GM is dropping the DVD based nav... new escalades (staring in 2011 i think) have solid state nav drives ...

08-13-11, 02:09 PM
I thought the new explorer is awd or 4x4? Thought they copoed the knob like range rover has to change terrian?

08-13-11, 07:32 PM
it is all about the design, Ford and others may make decent product, others may question GM quality, but to me it is all about eye candy and there is no other product out there that draws the attention the Caddy does.

08-13-11, 10:55 PM
GM is dropping the DVD based nav... new escalades (staring in 2011 i think) have solid state nav drives ...

I hear you, I checked and for 11 it's still DVD (per Cadillac.com) Maybe 2012 or maybe the next gen. However, escalades in Europe have hard drive nav per 2011 models. Largely ( I mean this in a nice way) because they wont tolerate the same crap that we are forced to put up with in our vehicles. http://www.topspeed.com/cars/cadillac/2011-cadillac-escalade-platinum-edition-ar100626.html (http://www.topspeed.com/cars/cadillac/2011-cadillac-escalade-platinum-edition-ar100626.html)

08-13-11, 11:37 PM
I have the 2011 Premium. It does not have a navi DVD. Unless it's somewhere hidden, I think it's HDD based.

08-14-11, 12:20 AM
I have the 2011 Premium. It does not have a navi DVD. Unless it's somewhere hidden, I think it's HDD based.

My 2011 Ext has hdd based

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08-14-11, 08:18 PM
Another thing about the new Explorer is its built on a crossover frame which makes it a junk in my mind.

08-15-11, 09:14 PM
The ecoboost motor is for real. It's got great power, towing ability, and fuel mileage.
It's available in the Flex and F-150 as well. My guess is that it will find it's way into the Expedition and Navigators and that will draw some attention from GM.
For now though, there is still nothing that will give the Escalade a run from Ford.

Just my $0.02.

08-16-11, 11:53 AM
Ford/Lincoln is discontinuing the Expedition/Navigator line(s) and from what I've heard they aren't putting any new money into them.

08-16-11, 03:48 PM
I call BS.
There is no way that Ford is dropping the Expedition.
Do you have a source?