: 2000 STS Oil leak

08-12-11, 07:36 PM
recently (just after the oil change a week ago) I am experienced oil leak from my STS 2000. It might have been happening for a while, but the technician noticed me about this leak while I was changing engine oil last week. Now I can see drops on the floor after I remove my car from parking spot. Where to get it fixed at cheap price and how much this might cost? This is the first time I am gonna do this, and I have no idea about the problem!


08-13-11, 02:06 AM
You're in the wrong forum. This is for AWD and RWD STSs. See the Seville forum for sidewinders.

08-13-11, 10:57 AM
:yeah: wrong sub-forum

and those lower end leaks are not cheap to repair...