: 07 Escalade Pulling a travel trailer help

08-12-11, 06:55 PM
Is any one pulling around a 26' camping trailer? Going to buy a new trailer that wieghs about 6300lbs... What is a safe weight to pull? Is anyone pulling bigger? Is there a certain trailer brake I should buy? Let me know what you guys are doing out there thanks.

08-12-11, 10:10 PM
Other people on here are pulling that much or more weight with no problems. Only down fall is like 8-10 MPGs. Most trailer brakes are the same. Mostly drum brakes. Boat trailers use both drum or disk but cost more. I used to work at the worlds largest trailer dealer And never recall seeing box or utility trails with disk

08-15-11, 12:56 AM
I have a 28 ft trailer that I've pulled twice with my 07 ESV. It weighs 5000 pounds dry and I know it's under the 7800 lb capacity when loaded. It pulled great, but only averaged about 9mpg on the longer of the two trips. Had plenty of power...never dropped speed, even on steep grades. Pulled away my father-in-laws 2004 GMC 3500 dually (pulling a smaller trailer) on the big, long grades. I've used a Prodigy brake controller for years and I'd recommend it.

08-15-11, 01:08 AM
If you're going to install the brake controller yourself, there's a good video tutorial for the Escalade on etrailer.com. There are wires under the hood on the driverside that need to be connected to studs located under the cover on the driver side fuse box (under the hood). The wires are there, but they're taped up in two different locations under the hood and you'll have to buy the correct nuts. I'd post the link, but I'm new to the forum and am not allowed to do that, yet. Just search for "2007 Escalade trailer brake installation" on google and find the etrailer.com link.

08-16-11, 10:35 AM
What steps are you guys taking to put the ez lift bars on with the factory airride? Hitch it up and let the bags fill then torque the bars down? Is anyone using the tow/haul mode? Reading mixed reviews less gas one way more the other of course gas will suck but are you guys leaving it on the whole time or just on incline?

05-07-14, 01:17 PM
If anyone needs the brake controller cable url here it is: http://www.etrailer.com/tv-brake-controller-install-2007-cadillac-escalade.aspx

Looks very helpful and informative.

Does anyone know if you need a special relay or anything else (other than the documented wiring and factory fuses/relays) to provide 12v power to your tow trailer?