: 98 sts used to overheat?

Red Corvette
08-12-11, 05:03 PM
Last winter my 98 STS started overheating, thought it was head gaskets but not convinced because I never saw any white smoke out the exhaust so I parked it for the remainder of the winter.
This spring I took the upper radiator hose of the water pump, stuck the garden hose in the reservoir and flushed it out.
Is it possible to have too much antifreeze in the system? Because it was very thick and green as could be because every time it got hot I added to it.
After it started running clear I noticed the white smoke so now I was convinced it was the head gaskets.
Okay so I had to move the car from where I had parked it today. No doubt I had to jump start it.
So got it running and I’ll be damned no white smoke, No Overheating, the car idled for an hour and the gage never went past 12:00 like it should.
Went for a drive to get air in one tire and the needle finally started to go towards 1:00 but came right back to 12:00 and drove for about 20 miles with no issues.
Is it possible this is just a fluke and it’s going to overheat again or did I just have too much antifreeze in it? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

08-12-11, 05:14 PM
Chances are you do have the dreaded Northstar headgasket issue. My wife had a '98 that passed HG tests for a while after the overheating began. There is a small chance it is something else.

You should check in the Seville STS or Northstar Tech forums. There you'll find good information for your car. You've posted in the 2005 & up STS forum. Our Northstars were redesigned for RWD & AWD and don't have this issue.