: New owner of a 2006 Black Raven

08-12-11, 10:27 AM
On my way to the bank to finalize the paperwork and pay off the guys loan, then I'll take possession of a 2006 black on black V....cant wait! :bouncy:

08-12-11, 10:29 AM
nice post pics.

08-12-11, 01:09 PM
Could you sleep last night?


08-12-11, 01:23 PM
nice post pics.Will do!
Could you sleep last night?Welcome!Hell no!! I finally fell asleep around 3:30-4am. It felt like when I was a kid on Christmas Eve. Lol

08-12-11, 11:17 PM
My Canon camera just stopped working so heres a pic from my phone. This thing is a blast to drive!

Only flaw is a little piece broke off of the surround of the bottom grille. I might powdercoat or plasti-dip the grilles but for not Im happy just the way it is! :) Other than that, this V is in pristine shape.

The only mod the previous owned did was add a LPE intake. It sounds pretty good at WOT and sounds really good inside the car but outside its pretty tame with the stock mufflers so Im doing a muffler swap but Im keeping the resonator. I was looking at buying the Borla XR-1 sportsman or the Borla turbo. Ive had too many Magnaflows on my Tundra (18" & 14"; 4" Magnapack) that I sold so I want a different sound.

Even after looking at all of the youtube videos of both for months, I still cant decide. I might just have to flip a coin and go with it. :)


08-13-11, 07:42 AM
Nice looking car. You'll love it.

08-14-11, 08:19 AM
+1 Borla....I have the catback...LOVE IT!

08-14-11, 11:11 AM
LT headers, hi-flo cats, and _________ exhaust. You can't go wrong.

08-14-11, 12:02 PM

08-14-11, 12:34 PM
+1 Borla....I have the catback...LOVE IT!

Does anyone know what muffler would be the closest sounding to the one in their catback kit....the Pro XS (tubro) or XR-1 sportsman?

LT headers, hi-flo cats, and _________ exhaust. You can't go wrong.

Maybe one of these days but for now Im just going to do a muffler swap and give it a few months, Im sure I'll want it louder at some point. :)

08-14-11, 02:38 PM
muffler delete. Can't go wrong there. Then when you get headers your gonna shit ur pants. Then your gonna shit your pants more when you put an x-pipe in. Oops...... forgot we cant cuss

Plasti dip the grill. Going on two months now with multiple washes and no chipping or peeling. It's great stuff for $7 a can