: Mike

08-12-11, 08:24 AM
I sent you an email on a parts list. Can you hit me back with pricing?

08-12-11, 09:50 AM
got your email ...

i sell the set for $1,255.08 plus shipping

shipping would be $30 to get them to you on UPS ground


here's the kicker: they're on backorder :(

i looked into this situation for another member a week or two ago and when I called GM to see what was up they said that the supplier is trickling stock out to the warehouses 6-10 at a time. The wait could only be a week or it could be several weeks.

basically, the sooner you get your order in the quicker you'll get the calipers

if we had the VIN from a V that came with them from the factory we could upgrade the order to jump to the head of the line, but there still would be a little wait

i checked the parts locator to see if lindsay cadillac had any but there's only one dealer (in NJ) showing a set in stock and i doubt they'd let you get the set for the price i quoted you (if they're even available for purchase - they could be holding the set for a customer)

let me know if you have any questions,