: Oil leak

08-11-11, 04:10 PM
Yup... Figures! Two months after the drivetrain warranty expired, there is an oil leak on the right side of the engine. :mad:

I haven't gone all the way under there to verify where it is coming from, but during the last oil change I noticed that the oil pan gasket had some moisture around it. I went to the dealer at that time and asked about it and they said that if it is not leaking to the ground, they would not do anything.

And now that I'm two months past the drivetrain warranty, I bet it is a PITA to get them cover it anymore. :bigroll:

When I looked under there I noticed it is not coming from the oil filter, nor is it coming from the drain plug. I also did a quick search here on the board but couldn't really find any usual spots for oil leaks mentioned. Anybody else had oil leaks on theirs? What have been the causes for them?

It's not a big leak, just a small drop a day, but still. I absolutely HATE having any stains on the driveway.

08-11-11, 04:16 PM
Check inside the the little metal inspection cap under the fly wheel, mine developed a small leak from the rear main seal with about 12,000km's on it. 4-5hr fix, they have to slide the tranny back to repair.

08-11-11, 09:34 PM
Definitely hoping it's not the rear main seal. :suspense:

08-14-11, 01:29 AM
Yea I had a rear main leak to. Wasn't leaving any stains but the oil pan was wet. Warranty repaired it though

08-14-11, 02:37 AM
there is a tsb for that. they should fix it.

08-14-11, 05:31 AM
I have the same problem. Noticed it when i pulled the dipstick out and it came out dry...

Am tearing the engine down and rebuilding it with new rings, bearings and valve seals...

I am not takin any chances with this engine...I drive it hard all the time, and always raise the bar on it...Later i will be upgrading the MAF from the stock size to a 102mm. My little block puts 400 at the wheels and i hope to gain 25-50 with a cam and 1.85 rockers. I already have ported heads and intake with headers..

I am gonna get 550 lift with 222/232 and a 116LSA wigh the AFM still active...Similar specs to the old LS6 cams....Should idle stock with endless power right up to the redline, which will help when i am pullin my boat...

Ghost Deany
08-15-11, 10:39 AM
Anyone get this covered under the powertrain warranty? I have the 2-3 hard shift tranny TSB issue and a damp oil pain, seems to be coming from the gasket, it doesn't drip on the ground, but the pants wet and if I clean it its back in a few days.

08-16-11, 08:15 AM
My 10 developed a leak when it was about a month old. The Cadillac dealer changed the rear main seal and this did not solve the problem. I took my Escalade to a Chevrolet dealer i do work with and they said it was the pan. They changed the oil pan and it has been fine ever since.

Cadillac Cust Svc
08-17-11, 11:02 AM
Ghost Deany, it should a fairly easy task to get your dealership to have this covered as long as you are fully within the bumper to bumper or powertrain warranties. The powertrain warranty should have you covered for this fix. If you need more in depth coverage information just send me a message. I hope this helps.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service

08-18-11, 01:01 AM
Jeez... Lots of rear main leaks, huh?

I have just been delaying checking it out in more detail due to the stupid 100+ degree weather we have had here the past two friggin' months. :mad:

Ghost Deany
08-28-11, 06:27 PM
Dropped mine off Mon. morning for the leak and the 2-3 hard shift, and its still not done yet. Wonder what their doing to it

05-11-15, 05:25 PM
OK, I know I'm going to get some "stuff" about this, but here goes.
I'm an old guy with an old car; '99 Seville with 93K on it. LOML has a much newer SRX and I can't see buying a new car for myself at my age. I have an oil leak that's not terrible,
but I can't park in the driveway, and the local mechanic wants $1,500 to fix it. Some here comes the dumb question.
Is there any of the "magic potions" that are supposed to stop leaks that are safe to use in this car?