: Fair Warning: Be Careful Where You Park Your SRX

08-10-11, 10:44 PM
I went to my beauty shop appointment last week. The shop is located in a strip center. I always try to park on an end spot or, at least, away from the other vehicles to avoid dings on the SRX. I pulled up to the concrete block at the head of the parking slot but it seemed the front tires never touched the block so I decided to back up some. These blocks are secured on either side with rebar and I was not aware that about three inches of the re-bar was sticking up on the block of the parking slot I had chosen. When I backed up the exposed re-bar tore the rubber guard under the front bumper popping off the rivets which resulted in about half of the rubber guard hanging on the ground. But wait, it gets worse. The re-bar also tore lose the bumper on the passenger side and cracked it where it attaches to the body of the car. Result: $1500 in damages, auto insurance claim, three or four days shop time, and, while waiting for parts to come in for the repair, driving the SRX with a bungie cord holding up the rubber guard so it won't drag on the ground. I'll never, never park in a parking slot with a concrete block again and I suggest you avoid them as well.

08-10-11, 10:54 PM
Thanks for the tip/advice. I too always look for those end spots, that typically have some sort of cement raised areas (with grass or lamp posts). This could have easily been me.