: Minor Problems W/ 96 Brougham

10-21-04, 11:20 PM
Hey guys...my cars doing great except for minor things...typical stuff...and i need help on each thing....please if you can, in your responses, type the # of the problem and your explanation for it...thanks alot guys!

1. My speedometer cluster has a loose connection. When i opened up the cluster covers, the loose peice was the blue chip thats on the bottom center part of the cluster. so i used a screw driver to press it in and try to get the connection. after staying on for a while, it shuts off and then i have to do it again. i also tried to remove the entire cluster where the LEDs are and all that but the black thing in the top left corner was holding it in place. couldnt get it to come out. please let me know what the best idea is, should i try removing it(and how do you remove it?) and try fixing my self or just find a junkyard or a donar and replace the entire thing?

2. i finally opened up my radio dash cover and removed the radio and ac unit. just to see whats back there. anyway i was looking for that DRL relay so that i can cut the dam wire for it and just use my lights manually. i couldnt find it. in the process, i reinstalled my ac and it told me the outside temp was 65 degrees...i highly doubt it cause lately its been in the mid to high 50s....did i screw something up?

3. its that time to change the bushings on my front end. Gotta replace the tie rod ends, centerlink bushings and i believe the pitman bushing....has anyone ever did this on their own. i want to try and do it on my own but just need an idea of how it works out...how long does it take...is it even possible for anyone to do...i am more mechanically inclined and also taking automotive engineering as my major. im due up for an alignment and can get that done for free at school but i need to change the bearings on my own first. what do you think?

4. water is leaking into my passengerside rear sidemarker thats built into the molding. how do i seal it off? i replaced the old socket with a new one because the old one was gone...i dont wanna plug it in till i can figure out a way to seal it...i stuck my finger in there and felt water.

5. TO ME THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT CAUSE ITS ANNOYING ME NOW.....i blew both my front speakers cause i like listening to loud bass equiped songs....and the fron speakers cant handle that most of the times...anyway how do i open the door panel without breaking any clips or cracking anything so that i can get to the speakers?

thanks alot for reading all this crap but just needed ur help! thanks for any remedies for these problems

10-23-04, 04:23 PM
#1. i had this problem in my 95 Lincoln. it has a digital dash and it kept going out. turns out there was a problem with the wiring, harness for the wiring, and a wire short. i dont know if any of these problems are the same in yours but i had the enitre cluster replaced from a junkyard donor. my dads 2001 Dodge Ram had the same problem, his cluster was replaced, but he did it at the dealership. cost him 900 dollars. if you know what your doing, get one from the junkyard and replace it yourself. much cheaper.

the rest of your problems i dont know to much about.

10-23-04, 04:56 PM
first off concerning "replace the tie rod ends, centerlink bushings and i believe the pitman bushing.." I didn't even know such bushings existed like the pitman arm bushing is this located on the centerlink itself?

i think if you meant the grease fitting/caps which goes on each of those items which sort of looks like a bushing let me know. or else i am not really familiar with a bushing for these parts. these caps are just for the grease mostly so dirt doesn't get in it and to keep water out etc. they are always between the tierod and centerlink etc.

Generally you replace the whole part and it comes with new grease rubber caps.

Replacing the tie-rods is easy and requires a good hammer and I always replace the tie rod adjusting sleeve between the inner and out tie rod which is about 7.00 for both sides at autozone.

ball joints are a pain if they are stock parts which required drilling of the rivets on the top Ball joint for my '94 otherwise the bottom one is easy just pressed in requires renting the balljoint removal tool etc. from autozone

pitman arm i never did because its a dealer item only and shouldn't wear out

make sure to grease the parts often every 6 months is when i do them or whenever i take off the front tires or lift the front for other things

as for the front speakers they are easy to replace and i have NEVER broken the door trim panel itself i have broken lots of little white clips which can be bought from autozone for $3 for a set of 4 i think the door trim on my '94 is very strong especially when compared to most other cars.REMOVAL make sure to remove the 3 screws first then take off the wooden trim with the door lock switch. Once you remove the door lock switch and disconnect that you should remove the window switch by prying up slightly on the side facing the rear of the car usually a good clean screwdriver works fine just pry up from the backside and then slide back until the front clip clears and you can remove and disconnect the wires from it. Start from the bottom going up removing the clips, go slowly and dont bend the door panel/trim.

NOTE: only the door lock switch trim is removed not the handle the handle only has 2 screws but it stays on the trim when removed.

Off topic my dad's 97 pontiac grand prix is a piece of crap as far as quality he took it to get serviced and the dealership had to take off the door. Instead of the clips coming off from the door or at least breaking, the door trim itself broke at the base so that it would not be possible to put new clips on anymore but he didn't notice until weeks after so bad luck for us.I removed the rear door trim once and the same thing happened the base of the door clips break or crack and the clip stays on the sheetmetal of the door i don't know why some genius made SUPER STRONG clips and flimsy door panels. So many small items have broken on his car that I am shocked its a gm car i would expect this from FORD but gm sad.. sad.. sad..

that's it for today good luck and have fun.

PS: as for the DRL lights just take out the fuse for it I don't have drl but if needed this should work, for you this way it's extremely simple and if you don't achieve what you want you can just put the fuse back in and be back to normal.Most systems revert to normal/simplified operation when the fuse is missing or blown but some stop functioning let me know if this lets your headlights work manually or not?