: 2011 nav disc

08-10-11, 05:00 PM
I have a 2006 STS. I was just informed that the new nav disc is ready for purchase. Says it's 2011 but really updated till end of 010. In Illinois we have a toll road I-355. Does anyone know if this road shows up on the new disc. The 355 extension was completed in 2008 so I assume it's on the new disc. Customer service couldn't tell me and said the disc is non returnable. Anyone know the answer...

Also, is a GF performance chip a waste of $69 or will it help gas mileage while increasing performance, as advertised? Thanks, Jeff

08-10-11, 07:34 PM
if you are patient the new 2012 STS disc will be showing up soon.

2011/12 Nav Disc-EU Corvette/STS PN 20980240 ,cost $229.00

08-10-11, 09:20 PM
Another forum member posted that the 2011 disk had all of I-355 but I don't have it, so that's hear-say.

I don't recall any members ever claiming a chip worth the purchase price. However, 2007 & up ECM's have been 'tuned'.