: New to Allante - Allante Headlight Problem

08-10-11, 03:06 PM
I just purchased a 1990 Allante and it has numerous problems that I am trying to figure out and fix. The headlights do not work. I have pulled the bulbs out and tried them in another non Cadillac car and they work fine. I metered the wire connections on the Allante and I have voltage at the wires (11.7 volts), yet the lights don't work.

What am I missing?

1990 Allante

08-10-11, 03:29 PM
are you getting any lighting codes or does the dic indicate that any of the bulbs are out?

does the headlight switch for for other functions such as the fog lights?

08-12-11, 08:38 AM
The lighting system on 1987 through 1992 AllantÚs is very sophisticated. The bulb filaments are turned on by solid state switches called OSM's which are operated by the body computer module. You need to get a factory service manual to troubleshoot this system.

08-12-11, 10:08 AM
Yes I am getting the lighting codes and the dic indicates that the bulbs are out. The headlight switch lights the other lights including fog lights.