: Finally I get to Visit a Barrett Jackson Auction

08-08-11, 08:53 PM
Been watching the Barrett Jackson auctions on tv for a decade, I'll sit and watch them for hours just looking at the cars. The closest auction to me is 17hrs away so going was never an option. I wasn't really keeping up with the dates this year and just so happened to notice the Las Vegas auction is the the same we are going on a trip to Vegas next month (This actually explains alot of why my travel agent discounts were being declined by hotels). I was very excited, though I've been told by a couple friends who went that watching it on tv is alot better then just going to it because unless your are a vip, bidder or friends with a bidder you cant enter then tents or go near alot of areas. Can't really do anything except walk around the outside and look at some cars. Though they went to scottsdale which is larger but they said the high $$$ cars you don't ever even see. Anyway, here's hoping I get to see some awesome cars I'll never see again

08-08-11, 08:58 PM
JEALOUSY. I've always wanted to go to a Barrett Jackson. I can't even see it on TV anymore... All they play now is the Mecum... Bleh compared to Barrett Jackson.

08-08-11, 09:10 PM
Awesome! My wife and I went last September when it was at Mandalay Bay. It was a BLAST! I got to see some amazing vehicles and meet some very cool gear heads. Take a camera and bring plenty of $$$. I bought tshirts, diecast cars, calendars, hats, etc. You will also enjoy all the demos the different companies had... the ZR1 ride was a blast last year :devil:

08-08-11, 09:33 PM
Awesome, it's at Mandalay Bay again this year. hopefully they will do ZR1 rides! I did a ride along hot lap in a Z06 vette a couple years ago at a GM demo thing down here..that one was insane, can't imagine a zr1. I drove a grandsport vette a few months back and that thing had me drooling in my dreams for a week.

09-26-11, 06:33 PM
Got back from Vegas, Spent 1 day at Barrett Jackson. It was fun, though I went Thursday which was the first day and a weekday. Upside to that was there was no lines anywhere and it wasn't crowded, downside was not very many celeb sightings (I heard alot were there friday, sat) and not all the booths were complete.

Thankfully due to not very many people I got to do 6 ride along hot laps in a ZR1 which was a blast, the professional driver was crazy. I also drove a CTS-V coupe, wagon and sedan and a corvette grand sport . They had a ride and drive for Ford & Porsche too but I missed them because the time flew by too fast. Basically I went at 9am and before I knew it it was 330pm and my wife has calling wanting to go out.

I met Richard Petty, which was awesome. I actually saw him in the V.I.P registration center with some guys and waited for him to come out, he took a pic with me and talked for about 10 secs lol. I also met Pete Rose and the Kid's from American Restoration. Other then that one of my highlights was fondling a Bugatti Veyron, there was one parked in the garage and me and my friend took turns taking pics with it. I may or may not have molested it a bit. I went in and watch the live auctions for prob 10 mins, the arena area was the one placed crowded to max and the seats were very small (I'm 6 ft, 280lbs.... alot of arena seats are difficult for me to sit in)

One bummer was meeting the guy who owns SLP performance parts. I've been an SLP fan for about 11 years, I was big into 4th gen Camaros and SLP was a big. They guy was an asshat to say the least

We spent about 90 mins talking to various people with VIP passes trying to befriend them in efforts of getting a pass with no luck. I did talk to some guy who is head of research for Dell Computers who showed some weird phone he had on him that isn't going to come out for like 1-2 years...it was weird lol

10-01-11, 09:37 PM
Mecum visits Kissimmee, just south west of where I'm at in Orlando. An enjoyable day to walk the field and see the money thrown down.