: How do you install a two way (remote start) alarm on a '99 deville?

08-08-11, 06:06 PM
I recently purchased an avital 33ool 2way alarm, and i've been reading the installation manual and still a little unsure of how to mount the alarm. Has anyone done this, how did you do it, and where did you mount the control module? I was told at the driver side kick panel you would find all the necessary wires for the install, however there is not enough room for the control module. Somebody please help!!

08-10-11, 02:11 AM
Visit local car audio shop STAT Lol

08-10-11, 05:04 PM
actually its a tough call. if you dont know anything about it leave it to someone who does. However, a local audio shop isnt always the answer unless they are trusted and well respected