: HELP- my 2005 CTS wont start.

08-08-11, 08:20 AM
to start...
I turned key to "on" but not start noticed it said oil low. I turned off the car checked oil and it was low. Tried to start car and it would not start. It turns on but will not do a complete start up like the solenoid is bad or the starter?!

Husband and I went and got oil did an oil change. Tried to start up again and nothing.

The car battery must be working because the air, power to car, windows, radio etc. is working.

HELP what do you all think this could be?

We are thinking the solenoid on the starter? any suggestions?
Maybe the coil pack?

So there she sits in my garage... buying the solenoid tonight... any suggestions would help! Thanks.!!

08-10-11, 09:29 AM
Does it attempt to crank at all? Get the battery tested at an auto parts store. Batteries can have enough capacity to run low current draw devices but not have enough to start or sometimes even attempt to start the vehicle.

08-10-11, 01:30 PM
It turns out it was the starter. We tried everything else that was common like battery etc. starter replaced and she runs like a champ!