View Full Version : XM lifetime plus traffic

the blur
08-07-11, 12:32 PM
you can not order traffic if you order XM lifetime !!
I was ready to pluck down $774 for XM life, then she said I can NOT have the traffic. So I said forget it, and hung up.

on my lowly Dodge Charger, and I Sirus lifetime, and monthly traffic subscriptions.

08-07-11, 03:09 PM
yup....i ended up going with the one year subscription and traffic package. it wasn't cheap.

08-07-11, 08:08 PM
I wasn't aware of a traffic package...

08-07-11, 08:57 PM
the traffic and GPS on my smartphone is better and cheaper by far--they aslo tried to talk me into the traffic package but i didnt bite