View Full Version : Considering an Allante, Deville, or an Eldorado -- your experience and opinion?

08-06-11, 06:48 PM
I am considering a purchase of a classic Cadillac for weekend driving and for just the enjoyment of caring for and pampering a beautiful car. I would drive this car only occasionally but would maintain it thoroughly.
The cars I am considering are a 91 - 93 Allante (prefer the white/maroon or triple black) or a 1975-78 Eldorado (coupe or convertible) or a 1988 Cadillac DeVille (had one before -- was a terrific driver and great car).

I am seeking feedback from Cadillac owners and lovers about these models. I am not concerned about "collectibility" or future value. The car I purchase will be around $5-6K -- just a clean, nice older model. The joy I will get will be in keeping it looking original and nice.

Any suggestions? advice on these models? any models you have seen for sale that I should consider? Thank you for your help!

08-07-11, 12:14 PM
i personally hate that body style deville. thats just MY opinion so take it for what its worth. Id go Allante or ElDorado

08-09-11, 07:12 PM
Ok about 2 years ago I owned a white on grey 88 Deville with 73K on the clock. It looked like show room floor new once I buffed it because it had sat in the garage for over 10 years. Boy was it silky smooth and I loved to valet because they would always cream over how clean and nice it drove. Till this day I regret selling it and everyone I know tells me occasionally I was stupid. Having owned the Allante I have for a month I have to say......I miss the Deville more. No doubt the Allante is the real collector and gets attention all the time. Maybe once I get it running better I will love it more but for now I have a love hate thing with it as I complete one issue another one pops up. Honestly you have to go with what moves you more inside. That is what will keep you going through the tuff times of keeping the car up. Here is a image of my old baby just for old times sake!



08-13-11, 10:30 AM
Ok so what kind of car are you getting.......?

08-15-11, 05:16 AM
I just bought a 93 Allante this weekend, and have been all smiles since I started driving it!

I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a car, I also have a 73 Eldo Convertible (that I will now sell) and owned a 99 DeVille a few years ago. The Eldo is just such a chore to drive, its just not fun for me anymore, even with a 500 its underpowered, gets horrible gas mileage, its size is absolutely monstrous and it handles like a school bus. I liked it for a while but now that I have the Allante which IMO is a total package type car I no longer even want to drive the Eldo, the Deville was nice as it had the Northstar, but it was a boxy 4 door that looked quite generic to most people. Find what makes you happy!

08-15-11, 10:21 PM
See everyone has one just like a you know what. The Allante looks more like a box to me than the Deville did and I loved the protruding tail lamps like the Eldorado had without being small. Also I owned a Deville with a Northstar a few years ago, car addiction, while it was very nice it guzzled gas but my 4.5 liter was such a nice balance I hate GM gave that motor up for head gasket issues. Still I purchased my injectors today for the Allante and hopefully they will come by the weekend so I can get a little more out of the old Italian.

Mongo can we see some pictures of the new car?