: Body ID tag deciphering

08-06-11, 03:27 PM
So, I'm checking this tag and trying to figure out some of the codes on it but I'm not having a ton of success. I found one site that had a pretty extensive list of codes(Which I can't find now) but only managed to come up with a few that gibe with the car. (1979 CDV)

This is how the tag itself reads:

79 01D 6CD47 FWD 40494
13D 15 15T

This is what I've come up with(Question marks are stabs in the dark)

79 - Model Year
01D - Detroit/DeVille or Detroit(?)
6CD - Seat, RR Bench, Heavy Duty
47 - Norfolk Gray(?)
13D - Trim Combination, Cloth, Slate Gray(D)
AM6 - Seat, Front Split, 3 Passenger, Center Arm Rest

01D is a complete stab in the dark. I know from the VIN that the broadcast number for Detroit starts with a 1 so it's a Detroit car and that the D in the VIN stands for DeVille. My stab is correlating this number with numbers from the VIN although I wouldn't be surprised if I am wrong.

Although 6CD47 is one number, 6CD matches the rear seat type in our car and if I remember correctly from the paint codes thread, 47 is Norfolk Gray, which I'm 90% sure is the original color. Again, I'm just stabbing away.


Any thoughts?

08-06-11, 07:27 PM
79=1979 01D= 4th week of January (this is when your car was built) 6CD47 = Cadillac Coupe de Ville (6=Cadillac, C=body shell size, D=DeVille, 47=coupe) FWD (Fleetwood body) 40494 (body number) 13D = interior trim code (13 is the color, D=dual comfort front seats) 15=exterior color 15T=vinyl top color. All the rest of the stuff is option codes.

If you want to know where your car was built, look on the VIN plate on the driver's side of the dash (visible through the windshield from outside the car). The VIN will read "6 D 47 S/T(S=425 V8 w/4bbl carb; T=425 w/FI) 9 9/C(9=Detroit; C=South Gate, CA) XXXXXX (build sequence number)".

Post pics!!!!!

08-06-11, 11:35 PM
Well, I got something right. :D I appreciate your help, 77CDV. It looks like I was trying to be a little too clever on a couple of them.

I have the original owner's manual so I was able to figure out where it was built. The plant and broadcast number both indicate Detroit. I have a couple of pictures of her in the "Post a pic of your RWD Caddy" and "What did you do to your car today" threads.

Original pic:


After new opera lights and rear quarter panel extensions:


08-06-11, 11:48 PM
Craig is just good like that. He's a fountain of Cadillac and general vehicle knowledge. Try going to a car show with him. :thumbsup:

08-06-11, 11:59 PM
Gosh Roo, you're making me blush! :o