: My 'replacement' fwb and a vinyl repair question

08-06-11, 12:11 PM
A month or so ago an oak tree jumped out in front of my 96 fwb. smacked front pretty good. Ins payment adequate to rebuild but parts are expensive.

I shopped: looking for a car to use the front clip to put onto my car or, alternatively, a car needing an engine from my car.

Bought a 95 supposedly needing engine. Turned out the 95 is not quite as nice bodywise as it looked in photos. (Are they ever?). When delivered, it started and ran smoothly for maybe 90 seconds. Then would not start anymore.

Because the engine sounded very good, instead of pulling it, we began troubleshooting. We found spark into coil but none out. Replaced coil. no joy. Replaced ingition module. No joy. Replaced distributor. Joyful noises (engine starting and running).

Drove it about 25 miles. Ran smooth like an fwb should, but it overheated and has a leaking transmission cooling line(minor). Need to find cause of overheating.

Now I understand the various comments which I have read in this forum about optispark and E4. PITA for sure.

Question: the car has cracks in vinyl dash. Narrow cracks, no raised edges. Does anyone have any experience in repairing such cracks? Suggestions?

08-06-11, 03:07 PM
You can live with it... Find a good used one... What has happened to me was after taking them out and putting them back, they crack a week or so later... must be stress... OR you could have it rebuilt at...http://www.justdashes.com/press_releases/