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Love my eldorado
08-06-11, 04:49 AM
My original problem was a slight maybe 1 or 2 second delay in turning over every few times like 3 out of 10 and when it did the check engine light came on it was because of a code p083 that code went away later on for some odd reason I also had some other memory codes but never any real issues but I brought it to a shop. They said its the computer.

So they put in a used computer...This one had a tranny code that wouldn't clear it made my car shift super hard
I wait for another computer and this second one is even worse! It wanted to take off on its own etc.They suggest I keep this one in even with the problems it had I believe the reason is so they don't risk of not being able to return it he stated "I hope I can return it and get my money back then." Understandable but new prices should have been checked too. I never told him I couldn't afford this or that I said how much and ok lets do it. He also kept referring back to my original concern the delay he kept saying well if your car is dying and shutting down that's blah blah or this computer is better if your car is shutting off or not starting I corrected him like 5 times... no just a delay no shutting down, no other problems!

So I had them put in my original (after some great advice from here :) )and call it a day. Well another problem I had was my heater core I was going to fix that after I figured out what was going on with my computer. So the day they put in the original they tried everything BUT switching the computers (I strongly suggested it was the computer because I tested my cylinders manually) and they had my car running testing everything with the heat on full blast for hours. My car over heated before I even got home (i live a few mins away) my dash was going crazy beeping at me telling me ENGINE HOT and smoke came through the vents. I figured I knew of the heater core problem but still I thought coming from a shop I should at least be able to drive my car home safely.
He also came in earlier that day and said your heater core is getting worse I said yeah I noticed (more fluid leaks out now but I wasn't driving it only to the shop and home) he said it fogged all the windows up I missed that he said "all" my windows it didn't dawn on me until I am sitting there with my over heated car and my daughter in 90 degree weather with a dead cell phone grr lol. So I am thinking my car must have over heated on them and same thing probably happened to them smoke came through the vents hence "all" my windows :). Ok what ever my fault for being a dummy and he tried to tell me there but was no harm done any way it still sucked though.

Any ways next step was heater core it gets done I drive home (few minutes away) and leave again I get maybe 5 minutes from my house and I try to stop at an intersection my car won't stop at all it slowed down a bit but when I was pressing it as hard as I was it should have came to a stop! So I gunned it around the corner hoping I didn't get smashed by the on comming traffic I also had my daughter in the car with me. Luckily I was minutes from my destination I finally get there and put my car in park it goes crazy revving up and stuff all on its own. Later on I re park it and my car spills out antifreeze from under the cap the whole $20 gallon of antifreeze I paid for since they didn't tighten the cap.... does this crap ever end! I am ticked off it wasn't done right and I have to spend yet another week there (been up there every week for a month) and another week with out my beauty uggh! If any one has any Spokane shop recommendations I am all ears :). Thanks for letting me rant :).

08-06-11, 06:08 AM
I'm not too familiar with Spokane, but here in Ellensburg we have University Auto Center (Cadillac GMC Buick) and they do absolutely phenomenal work and they charge less than most dealerships I've come across.

08-06-11, 08:32 AM
If you had repaired the P083 (CKP) CranKshaft Position sensor in the first place you would have been good to go. Nothing wrong with the ECM ("computer").

The leaking heater core should have been repaired at the first sign of a leak. It finally TOLD you to fix it. Simple.............and it sounds as if your repair "shop" is nothing to write home about.

Love my eldorado
08-06-11, 05:02 PM
Yeah I agree I am trying to learn as much as I can one step at a time I guess :).